Strava Challenge

Did you take part in the Strava Challenge?

Do you want to redeem your neck warmer and get your eligible discount?

Do you have zero idea what a Jubilee is?

Yes, us too! It's why when we found out our US HUUB athletes were taking part in the HUUB UK strava challenge, we had to figure out how to help.

The HUUBUK Strava Challenge originally offered up an opportunity to join their challenge and win a neck warmer and a discount code for cycling apparel.

Because this was a UK promotion, the promotion required the person redeeming the award to pay shipping based on their country and rates got high fast.

So, we at HUUBUSA have stepped in to try and help. If you completed the Strava Challenge, we have you covered. Here is what you have to do:
  1. Go to the exclusive page for the Neck Warmer
  2. Add the Neck Warmer item to your cart
  3. You will be charged $5.00. This is our flat rate shipping price for the neck warmers instead of $20 for overseas shipping from the UK. Yeah, America rules! If you have added any other items to your cart; shipping will be calculated or waived (orders of $100 or more) respectively.
  4. You are done
    • If you completed the challenge and are eligible for the neck warmer, we will ship it out right away.
    • If not, we will let you know and will refund you your money.
    • If you are eligible for the discount code the UK was offering for cycling gear, please email us directly at and ask for a code (Thanks for taking the time to take this extra step here).  While we do not have any cycling items in our store inventory currently, we will send you a one time use code for our entire store for 25% off.
If you have questions, please email us at

Thanks for your patience as we get this
setup for everyone here in the US!