Swim Drills and Tips- Single Arm Drill/Breathe Opposite Side and 3-3-3 Drill

Here at HUUB USA, our goal is to help you show up in training and race day ready to go. Whether that is by helping you get the best equipment(HUUB, of course) or helping you with your training with tips and lessons.

Today, we are going to do two of my favorite drills-

  • Single Arm, Breathe Opposite Side
  • 3-3-3 Drill


First, let's take a look at these drills:


Single Arm-BOS, the key things are:

- Start off by using fins during this drill.

- Breathing: Establish a rhythm to your breath and just like when you are breathing normally, don't rush it or crane y our neck. Have your rotation help with finding your breath.

- Just like breathing, establish a rhythm and pattern to when your arms are pulling, legs are kicking, and when you are rotating. You want to establish a rhythm that is not forced or rushed and fins help a lot with that.

- Don't forget about a neutral head position throughout the drill.

- Don't forget- fingertips down, palms facing the back of the pool


3-3-3 Drill

- This is where we put it together. We want to take the habits we formed in Single-Arm BOS drill and transfer them to this drill. 

- We use the single arm elements of this drill to establish the muscle memory and pattern and then use the swimming parts to re-enforce and pull together the entire stroke.

Final Thoughts:

Drills take time and practice. Fins and 'toys' really help so you can focus on a single element of the drill; so don't be afraid to use them. Lastly, do drills at various stages of your practice and then take those lessons and re-enforce them while swimming. 

Get out there and #GETSOME.