• Swim Drills and Tips- Single Arm Drill/Breathe Opposite Side and 3-3-3 Drill

    Join us in this series of swim tips and drills with World champion, Olympian and HUUB USA owner, Andy Potts, as he walks us through some of his favorite swim drills to make you a better pool, open water and triathlon swimmer. View Post
  • Product Drop: The Pinnacle Launches

    The Pinnacle wetsuit and lineup of products launches on 4.4.2022. 

    Pinnacle is a strong word, denoting the ultimate, the best, and a summit that cannot be bettered. To attach this to a wetsuit is bold, but this suit truly represents a balance of the needs of many athletes and presents an all-round solution to the modern triathlete’s challenges in “Swimming faster”.

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  • Swim Drills of The Week- Catch Up + Modified Catch Up

    Each week, The HUUB USA team and I will take you through some of my favorite swim drills to give you the tools to become a better swimmer. If you have questions or comments, please reach out.   Today's Drills: Catch Up + Modified Catch Up Catch Up Drill- Purpose: This is a dual purpose exercise... View Post
  • Whether you are new to open water swimming or just want some advice on good technique - Jack Burnell is here to help with our new video on his top three open water swimming tips. View Post