You Always Remember your FIRST Trime- A Gear Guide

I can remember all the details of my first. 

Whether it was my first sprint, half distance event, or full distance race, they each have distinctive sights, colors, and even smells. Most importantly, they each bring a wellspring of emotions flooding back to me every time I think of them.
My first Ironman was the 2008 Ironman World Championships, 14 years ago. I had never ridden my bike more than 70 miles or run more than 13.1 miles, EVER! I was going with the less is more approach (and ignorance is bliss). Needless to say, I encountered my fair share of obstacles; my feet swelled, my hamstrings cramped and I didn’t have the right race shorts with a chamois.
None of those things could dampen my smile at the finish line. I learned a lot that day! Biggest lesson, prior preparation goes a LONG way! Let’s make sure you are prepared for your first or next race!
What gear do you need to make the experience memorable for all the right reasons? Let's start with the swim today and check back in part 2 of this series for the bike and run.


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