Product Drop: The Pinnacle Launches

The Pinnacle wetsuit is the culmination of a historical swimming and triathlon career, combined with the never-ending quest to make better products for all types of swimmers.

This suit doesn't change the game, it simply says 'no more games'.


Pinnacle is a strong word, denoting the ultimate, the best, and a summit that cannot be bettered. To attach this to a wetsuit is bold, but this suit truly represents a balance of the needs of many athletes and presents an all-around solution to the modern triathlete’s challenges in “Swimming faster”.

We have a saying here at HUUB -
“if you always do what you did, then you will always get what you got!”
This challenges us to search for improvement and benefits from those around triathlon and open water swimming; the scientists, the elites, the age groupers, and the enthusiasts. We will never say that we know everything, but we can say that we are always striving to learn more and evolve our gear and our sport. It is this drive that took us to consulting with one of the sport's greats, and someone who is known for his swimming prowess, Andy Potts. Just because Andy is one of the sport’s greatest swimmers, it was not a guarantee that he would be able to deliver wisdom to make a difference in the evolution of our products. Fortunately, in this instance, he really did! Our founder and owner’s passion and knowledge, combined with Andy’s heritage and complete attention to detail has resulted in a wetsuit that holds many secrets and will deliver the swim you have always been searching for. 

Andy is a coach, as well as a great athlete. His ability to watch, look and most importantly listen to his athletes has helped shape this amazing new wetsuit. Designed with swimming efficiency at its heart whilst delivering additional controls in the core (an area typically ignored by triathletes in swimming), this suit is a package of significant improvements that results in what really matters…. “SPEED”.

The Pinnacle AP suit for 2022 is a suit designed to deliver benefits to most swimmers. And by that, we mean swimmers who suffer from sinky legs, snaking, overreach issues, and those with not the strongest of core strength. It's a suit that corrects more failings than any other - maybe just don't tell your swim coach. ;-)


This is critical to a great suit. The Rotational freedom™ no Suit™ feel is what makes us different and sets us apart from the traditional wetsuit make up. We also focus on the lining materials, their warp & weft, directional alignment, and ability to dry quickly and keep moisture absorption to a minimum.

We research and analyze each differing type of neoprene from the best suppliers in the world to ensure the perfect match from fabric to composite and neoprene. This combination provides flexibility where it matters, and security of fit to reduce ingress and “neoprene bloat”.

After years of experimentation, The Pinnacle suit is the ultimate combination of Yamamoto type 39 and 40 located in key panels to maximize stroke reach and effectiveness. This is augmented by combining our Patent Pending “Arms Neutral ™ “Stroke fatigue-reducing technology. 

Core Control ™ / Stability
Stability is a core tenant of proper swim position. By providing stability, the Pinnacle helps reduce fatigue due to vibration. Our technology and design takes advantage of every stroke to help you propel forward and transfer energy from core stabilization to forward movement. All of this adds to a more effective catch, keeps you in a straight and tight swimming position, and ultimately makes you faster while using less energy.
Exclusive HUUB Buoyancy Profile 
We were the first to address sinking legs and truly analyze the triathlon swimming skillset. We saw what others had not seen, that 85% of triathletes came from a non-swim background, and this demanded a fresh look. We witnessed wetsuits made with the same chest and lower body thickness of neoprene. There was no aid to lifting legs, lowering chests, and improving hydrodynamics along with efficiency. The 3:5 buoyancy profile is the only one for swimmers without a natural high leg position.  Countless hours of testing on our proprietary Measurement of Active Drag system (M.A.D) helps us understand what really goes on in the water, we don't rely on athlete feedback and guesstimates… We research more than any other.  We invented the 3:5 profile and continue to push the boundaries of buoyancy research.
Pinnacle wetsuit out in the wildBuoyancy Foams
The new Pinnacle uses the first composite material to completely lift buoyancy levels to a new place. Over 8 years ago, we moved beyond neoprene for key “Lift” panels and now we find our materials are 43% more buoyant than traditional neoprene. These materials are exclusive to HUUB and ensure higher hips and thighs for a more efficient and faster swim.

We collaborate on all our suits, be it with Paul Newsome, Andy Potts, female focus groups, able-bodied, and para-athletes. Ensuring our suits are designed for people and purpose.

  • Exclusive collaboration Design with Andy Potts
  • Core Control™ system
  • HUUB Exclusive composite buoyancy materials
  • HUUB Exclusive buoyancy profile
  • Breakaway zipper™ for the quickest swim exits.
  • Arms Neutral™ unsurpassed comfort and flexibility
  • Highest grade neoprene and best in class buoyancy combinations